About me


Provide scientific basis to traditional science through quality research and teach, guide young generation to excel in profession with humanity as center of their personality


Create and work in a conducive area, where professionals work without compromising ethics


  • To excel in profession
  • To work for realization of my mission and vision
  • To accomplish a distinguished research useful to mankind

Fellowship and awards

  • Secured UGC fellowship during M. Pharm
  • Fellow of Association of Biotechnology and Pharmacy (FABAP)
  • Best Teacher's Award given by Civil Defense and Rotary International, Bangalore South - 2012

Experimental techniques learnt

  • Operation of IR spectrophotometer
  • Operation of UV spectrophotometer
  • Operation of computers
  • Usage of Stereotaxic technique to locate & isolate particular part in CNS

Work Policy

Dr. S. Ramachandra Setty believes in working in a team for the team to achieve the targets

Academic record

  • B. Pharm (1985)

    Obtained a degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences by securing first class and third position in university from "V.L. College of Pharmacy, Raichur, Affiliated to Gulbarga University, Gulbarga"

  • M. Pharm, Pharmacology (1987)

    Obtained first class and stood first in entire department from Government College of Pharmacy, Bangalore then affiliated to Bangalore University Title of M. Pharm dissertation "Comparative assessment of someof the Oxytocin analogues and Pharmacological screening of Indole-2-carboxy hydrazides.1987 under the guidance of Prof. M. Lakshmana"

  • PhD (1996)

    Awarded PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences from Andhra University in 1996 for his research on Tween induced Anaphylactoid reaction in dogs Title of PhD thesis "Studies on the opioid and adrenergic mechanisms in tween-20 induced anaphylactoid reaction in dogs, 1995 under the guidance of Prof. D. Visweswaram"