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Title : Biosafety guideline for GLP

Description :

Biosafety is very important aspect in minimizing the occupational hazards and in enhancing the overall productivity. The World Health Organization (WHO) has considered biosafety as an essential aspect and has specified guidelines for the same. WHO classified both the micro-organisms and the laboratory requirements on the basis of risk involved. These guidelines" do not mean "optional", they are the statutory requirements for many research funding agencies worldwide.

Title : CPCSEA guidelines for laboratory animal facility

Description :

These guidelines are based on the committee for the purpose of control and supervision on experiments on animal. The goal of these guidelines is to promote the human care of animal used in biomedical and behavioural research and testing and to provide specifications that will enhance the animal well-being, quality in the pursuit of advancement of biological knowledge that is relevant to humans and animals.

Title : Medication error

Description :

Medication error is one of the major causes of death in the world. According to a survey about 7000 in patients die of medication errors in USA annually. This figure speaks about the essentiality of preventing such unpredictable deaths. Therefore Drug administrative authorities and drug law enforcing wings of several governments are now concentrating on the prevention of such errors. Before taking measures in controlling such deaths due to medication errors, it is necessary to analyse the problems and the causes of it.